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We assemble and deploy teams of exceptional people, mostly Indigenous professionals, with expertise and relationships tailor-made to your requirements. Our Teams deliver on some of the most exciting challenges in private enterprise and public policy, in both Australia and overseas. Our management team includes some of Australia’s most well-credentialled and capable Indigenous executives anywhere. We can work with you to:


  • Advance initiatives that bring investment to Indigenous communities and their peoples.

  • Assist your company to deliver contracts in partnership with key stakeholders and clients.

  • Build respect amongst stakeholders and Indigenous interests in order to maximise the impact of your funds or contracts. 

  • Deploy professionals focussed on achieving outcomes and building the assets of clients, communities and Indigenous interests.

  • Plan, design and deliver innovative and forward-thinking responses founded on respect and empowerment.


Our people understand the challenges of being from a different culture. i2i Global is Australia’s leading Indigenous company deploying Indigenous professionals and contractors in Official Development Assistance for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in Indo-Pacific. 


i2i Global is a trusted partner to design programs, complete project planning, effectively communicate to build shared understanding and to then support your team execute these plans within culturally diverse societies.


i2i Global is currently live on contracts to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), Palladium, Coffey International Development and the World Indigenous Business Network (WIBN) and the Australian Indigenous Network for Investment, Trade and Export (IGNITE). We have exclusive teaming agreements with Indigenous contractors from across Australia the Pacific.