Our Focus

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Who we are

i2i Global Pty Ltd is an Indigenous-owned and led company working with investors, executives, companies, government agencies and community organisations developing initiatives that achieve impacts with Indigenous Peoples globally. We achieve this objective by delivering in three practices:



Indigenous Development (Australia)


We engage with public sector agencies, business, communities and Indigenous stakeholders to help people understand and embrace public policy innovation that improves the outcomes for Indigenous interests in Australia.



International Development

We design, manage, implement and evaluate development programs for governments, donour agencies, multi-lateral organisations, companies and NGOs to improve social and economic outcomes throughout the Pacific. Our firm is a key member of the World Indigenous Business Network (WIBN). We have Indigenous partners in Canada, USA, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.




We advise impact investors and public sector agencies to navigate change, create impactful partnerships and position themselves for better outcomes and better returns. We support and mentor Indigenous entrepreneurs and business leaders take their ventures to viability and growth.

Our Company

i2i Development Global Pty Ltd (“i2i Global”) is a private company incorporated in 2015 in Australia (ACN 630 070 503) with operations in Indo-Pacific and Australia.  We restructured in 2018 to achieve 100% Indigenous ownership, decision making and leadership. We are proudly a Supply Nation registered company.