i2i Global team members have exceptional skills.  Key personnel have served as Australia’s Military Attaché to the United Nations and formerly advised the World Bank on global community development innovation.  Others have been awarded the ACT’s Australian of the Year, the Public Service Medal and led and developed outstanding Indigenous companies and not-for-profit charitable national organisations.

Tony Martens
Darren Godwell
Daijah Martens
Alana Kennedy
Vincenzo (Enzo) Bocchino
Kerry Colbung
Katrina Fanning
Joe Morrison
Duane Vickery
Gordon Cole
Jason Elsegood

Chairman of the Board – Mr Tony Martens, Brisbane


Mr Martens is a Gunggandji man with cultural ties to Queensland, Australia. Tony is is an experienced executive with a history of working in the public and community sectors across nearly three decades. He is experienced in employment services, career development, government affairs, community engagement, recruitment, business and strategic planning.


Tony’s professional specialty is employment services especially workforce development from pre-employment through post-placement and exit. Tony has secured the design and delivery of a range of i2i Global projects in Latin America and Indo-Pacific. 

Chief Executive Officer and Team Leader – Mr Darren Godwell BHMS MHK MAICD (Brisbane)


Darren is amongst Australia’s most experienced Indigenous executives. He has launched new ventures, achieved commercial viability, boosted social impact, and executed strategy and business development. Achievements include transforming the Stronger Smarter Institute into Australia's biggest Indigenous initiative in education: +64,000 Indigenous students, +1,500 educators trained, over $10m in revenues, financial viability within 12 months. As a Director of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (Qld) and inaugural Chair of the Board’s Finance Committee lifted revenues from $3m to $22m pa, and a historic 5 year $100m service delivery contract with the Commonwealth government. Launching Australia’s first Indigenous-led social impact fund and intermediary the Lumbu Indigenous Community Foundation.


Darren has served as an Advisor to the World Bank on community-led development, been a Senior Fellow of the Synergos Institute NYC and completed business assignments in Shanghai, Barcelona, New York, London and Sydney for global media conglomerate Bertelsmann AG.  


Across 25 years he worked with social enterprises, start-up ventures, Indigenous policy, law and justice, financial services, health, social housing, sport and youth, education and community development.


Darren is a descendent of the Kokoberren peoples of Cape York, Australia.

Daijah Martens, Lead Advisor (Canberra)

Daijah is a proud descendant of the Gunggandji people, her cultural ties stemming from Far North Queensland, Australia. Daijah has a key focus on Indigenous empowerment through economic development. She has been a strong advocate for the inclusion of minority groups and in particular, Indigenous women. She holds a Bachelor of Business which equips her with the knowledge and expertise to facilitate Indigenous economic development.


Daijah is experienced in working within the employment and training sector. She has identified the importance of enabling Indigenous persons and women in the workforce to build individual and overall community capacity. Daijah understands the value of engaging both Indigenous business and minority groups as part of this process, and endeavours to have this recognised globally.

Colonel Steve Jones AM, Executive Director (Sydney)

Colonel Jones is Australia’s highest ranking Indigenous member of the Australian Army. Rising to rank of Colonel Steve has 35+ years experience in logistics, contract management, defence leadership and international development responsibilities across multi-national contractors in both defense industries and international development.


Ms Katrina Fanning PSM, ACT Australian of the Year, Contractor Executor (Canberra)

Katrina is an exemplary Aboriginal leaders in public policy, program delivery and Indigenous affairs.

Public sector, governance, leadership, community engagement, executive development, public policy development, sport, sports management. She is the Owner/Chief Executive of Coolamon Advisors a growing professional services company which provides solutions to complex policy and programs for government and business. In her former career Katrina won the Public Service Medal (PSM) for her work and dedication to Indigenous advancement. 

Mr Duane Vickery, Lead Advisor  (Hobart)

Duane is a public service professional in program delivery, design and reform.  He’s a professional facilitator and leader of change management in education, public service, strategy and stakeholder engagement.


Ms Kerry Colbung PSM, Lead Advisor (Adelaide)

Kerry is a former public service and Indigenous community executive who specialises in agribusiness/ horticulture, Indigenous botanicals, tourism and business development. 

Vincenzo (Enzo) Boccino, Lead Advisor (Newcastle)

Enzo is a Business graduate experienced in working with Indigenous businesses, in the public sector and in employment services.

Joe Morrison, Lead Advisor (Melbourne)

Joe is the former CEO of the Northern Land Council and founding CEO of NAILMAS and an advisor to
global land and cultural heritage management networks.  He specialises in land rights, land management, cultural heritage management, public sector administration, policy development and design.

Gordon Cole, Lead Advisor (Perth)

Gordon is Chair of the Noongar Chamber of Commerce and a business owner and manager for the past 20 years.  He specialises in mining services and contracting, wholesale business-to-business PPE, construction & housing and management consulting.

Alanna Kennedy, Lead Advisor (Townsville)

Alanna is an Indigenous businesswoman and entrepreneur.  She specialises in sales and business development, in consumer goods, manufacturing, Indigenous botanticals, B2B wholesale PPE and Indigenous business development.

Jason Elsegood, Lead Advisor (Darwin)

Jason is a business owner and facilitator of enterprise development particularly with Indigenous clients in Northern Australia.  He has worked within the public sector and in private sector business strategy and development and employment services.

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