Delivering International Development Assistance

i2i is actively involved in contributing to the delivery of international development assistance (IDA) for donors, including Australian Aid and Inter-America Development Bank.  It is strategically targeting the Indo-Pacific and Latin American and Caribbean market. I2i has advisors with over 20 years IDA experience who professionally contribute to tender proposals, program design and delivery, and nomination and selection of sectoral advisors.

i2i has demonstrated its capability and capacity in several sectors.  Notwithstanding its strategic targeting of indigenous professionals in the delivery of aid programs, it is engages non-indigenous professionals in specialist sectors. We access indigenous professionals across a range of sectors including education, health, governance, anti-violence against women, agribusiness, private sector development, employment and training, human resources, entrepreneurship, gender equality and social inclusion, human trafficking, research, leadership, climate change, environmental management, etc.


For example, i2i has deployed five indigenous teachers to a Pacific Island to capacity develop local indigenous school teachers in teaching methods, literacy and numeracy curriculum development, teacher in-service training and school leadership. As indigenous teachers, each having over twenty years’ experience, they bring experience integrating their own culture into education which will inform the Island teachers how to embed their culture. 


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