Indigenous Economic Development

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An area of strong commitment from within i2i owners and advisors is indigenous economic development. Drawing on a global wealth of indigenous entrepreneurs and business-minded professionals, i2i work with governments, donors and private sector clients to advise indigenous communities on models for sustainably participating in the community.  Our advisors have direct experience in the establishment of successful indigenous owned enterprises, with experience in both Indo-Pacific and Latin American regions.


I2i acknowledge indigenous peoples have been largely marginalised following colonisation. While they were originally the founders of enterprise, trading and innovation, they were marginalised from participating in the economy. i2i works alongside indigenous communities globally to foster their return to their historical status as economic leaders. First peoples could only survive for thousands of years if they participated in the economy, sustainable food production, environmental management, leadership, safety, managing human resources, etc.


For example, in 2018, i2i was invited by the Peruvian Government to accompany them to meet with indigenous communities in the Amazon. The goal was to increase their awareness of alternatives for investing funding into the community, with our focus being sustainable enterprises development. The i2i advisory team included indigenous professionals and entrepreneurs from Australia, Chile, Canada and Peru.