Our Vision

“Be the global leader in achieving development impact with Indigenous Peoples'.”

Our Aim

“A global company supporting Indigenous development in ways that honour
Indigenous leadership, innovation that respects Indigenous cultures.”

Our Capability


Professionalism requires experience.  We’ve got 60,000+ years of innovation, creativity and wisdom.

Our teams consist of exceptional Indigenous professionals, with experiences tailored to meet your specific needs. i2i Global is Australia’s Indigenous leader in the international development sector. We have capability in the fields of contract management and implementation, education, business and enterprise development, impact investing and sustainable community development practices, stakeholder and community engagement and research, measurement and evaluation. 


i2i Global is a leader in Indigenous affairs policy development, Indigenous business and enterprise development and supporting Indigenous peoples in matters of strategy, good governance and business.  When investors, departments and companies wish to make an impact with Indigenous Peoples in Australia and the Pacific they engage i2i Global.

i2i Global is one hundred percent Indigenous owned and managed.  We have three Indigenous owners, two Australian and one Mapuche Chilean shareholder. Our Chairperson is an Indigneous Australian. Our CEO is Indigenous Australian and our professional teams are 90%+ Indigenous professionals who lead our professional services in other countries imparting Indigenous sensibilities and world views to development practices.  

i2i Global is a company that specialises in advisory, program design and contract delivery.

Our capabilities include design and delivery of international development sector programs, advisory for impact investments, enterprise development, impact assessment and structuring public-private partnerships for development goals. 

We have targeted three definable streams of activity to yield and exploit our synergies:

1. Indigenous Development (Australia)

We engage with public sector agencies, business, communities and Indigenous individuals, businesses and organisations to embrace public policy innovation for Indigenous advancement within Australia. 


2. International Development

We design, manage, implement and evaluate development programs for Governments, donor agencies, multilateral organisations, companies and NGOs to improve social and economic outcomes throughout the Pacific. I2i Global is a key member of the World Indigenous Business Network (WIBN).  We have Indigenous partners in Canada, USA, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

3. Advisory Services

We advise clients (including impact investors and public sector agencies) to navigate change, create impactful partnerships and position themselves for better outcomes and better returns. We support and mentor Indigenous entrepreneurs and business leaders to position their ventures for viability and growth.

Tony Martens greets Mapuche
Tony Martens greets Mapuche

Tony Martens greets Mapuche community leader in Icalma, Chile

Tony Martens greets Mapuche
Tony Martens greets Mapuche

Tony Martens greets Mapuche community leader in Icalma, Chile


Why i2i or ‘Indigenous to Indigenous’?

For many decades donor countries (e.g. USA, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom), multinational corporations and development agencies such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank have been sending competent non-Indigenous professionals to aid Indigenous communities in developing countries. In recent years, the emergence of Indigenous professionals has presented an opportunity to the development sector – there is now a pool of qualified, experienced and willing Indigenous professionals, contractors and companies ready to support development agendas with other Indigenous peoples globally.

Indigenous peoples are skilled in being effective within culturally and ethnically diverse environments. Many are proficient in achieving outcomes within culturally diverse workplaces and companies. These Indigenous professionals are a valuable pool of consultants and professionals to be considered for overseas aid and development contracts.


Most Indigenous professionals have already established their professional experiences within similar community contexts as those found with other Indigenous peoples in other countries. They are now ready to assist fellow Indigenous peoples with their own development agendas.


Our Services


Entrepreneurialism requires innovation.  We’re the oldest survivors in the world.


We invite you and/or your company to work with us to:


  • advance initiatives that invest in Indigenous people and communities.

  • partner on development contracts for key stakeholders and clients.

  • build respect amongst stakeholders and Indigenous engagement to maximise the impact of your funds or contracts.

  • provide Indigenous expertise to achieve sustainable outcomes that build the assets of our clients, communities and Indigenous interests; and,

  • collaborate on the development of innovative strategies and creative solutions aimed for mutual success and relationship longevity.


Australia’s First peoples’ have the unique insight of being from a different culture and the challenges that confront them.  i2i Global is Australia’s leading Indigenous company providing Indigenous professionals and contractors for Official Development Assistance on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in the Indo-Pacific region.  We can work with you to design programs, complete project planning, build effective communication and engagement to implement your roles with culturally diverse societies.


i2i Global’s current partners include Department of Foreign Affairs, Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), Palladium, Coffey International Development, the World Indigenous Business Network (WIBN) and the Australian Indigenous Network for Investment, Trade and Export (IGNITE).  We have exclusive teaming agreements with Indigenous contractors across Australia and the Pacific.

i2i Development
i2i Development

i2i Development
i2i Development


Our Company

i2i Global Pty Ltd (“i2i Global”) is a private company incorporated in 2015 in Australia (ACN 630 070 503) with operations in Indo-Pacific, Latin America and Australia.  We restructured in 2018 to achieve 100% Indigenous ownership, decision making and leadership.   We are proudly a Supply Nation registered company.