We believe brighter Indigenous futures are possible through innovation, development and enterprise. Our goal is to be a global leader in achieving impact with Indigenous Peoples.

Development solutions from the World’s Most Experienced Innovators

Thinking out of the square comes naturally if we circle back to Indigenous ways of thinking and doing

i2i Global Pty Ltd collaborates with and for Indigenous peoples to achieve outstanding outcomes for sustainable outcomes in global social, business and economic development.

Historically, Indigenous peoples' experiences are similar. Indigenous peoples understand each other and relate to each other culturally, socially and intuitively because we share similar challenges on different lands.  We all aspire to better futures in respect of our unique strengths and differences. For i2i Global these skills come tacitly but are honed with experience and culturally proficient professionalism.


Diverse cultures need diverse responses, we value meaningful relationships with respect and longevity.

Our work brings together exceptional Indigenous professionals, advisors and subject matter experts to bring impactful solutions to the global challenges of today.  It begins with our Team. The present COVID-19 pandemic crisis has seen i2i Global pivot to focus on strengthening our engagement with Australian First Nations people, organisations, businesses, communities and Australian Governments.


As the world’s oldest living culture we bring with us resilience, innovation, survival skills and honed instincts.


We have worked to build stronger futures for First Australians. i2i Global’s advisory services are supporting sustainable social, financial and economic outcomes for Indigenous businesses. We thrive on working with Indigenous businesses who in turn provide the solutions to their own communities and for governments. It’s satisfying to know that what works elsewhere in the world continues to revitalise Australian First Nations peoples. During the COVID-19 pandemic i2i Global has been appointed a partner in the delivery of the $50 million AUD Business Support program hosted by Indigenous Business Australia.

We work in multi-level collaborative teams for shared success, please join us.


i2i Global is a leading Indigenous contractor supporting the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Overseas Aid Program across Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and across the pacific to the South American nations of Peru and Chile delivering Official Development Assistance.  


We welcome conversations about how we can support your development, business or economic needs anywhere in the world.


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